What is Whiplash? How do I treat WHIPLASH?

What is Whiplash? How do I treat WHIPLASH?

How to Recover from Whiplash?

Research indicates that successful whiplash recovery requires patient co-operation and active efforts to resume daily activity. The treating health care professional will assess your whiplash injuries, and discuss options for treatment and control of pain. Although prescription medications are usually unnecessary, temporary use of a mild over-the-counter medication may be suggested, in addition to ice or heat. Some whiplash sufferers are reluctant to return to activity, but if your health professional advises it – get active.

Daily Activities

  • Continuing normal activities is important to recovery.
  • Injured muscles can stiffen up and weaken if they are not used, which will only add to pain and delay your recovery.
  • Returning to normal activity can also be assisted by active treatment and exercise. Physical exercise releases chemicals in the body that can help reduce pain in a natural way.
  • Cervical collars or neck braces are not usually recommended, as they have shown little benefit.

Get Moving

  • Avoid sitting in one position for too long.
  • Stand up and stretch from time to time, whether you are watching TV or sitting at your computer.
  • When you are at your workstation, sit so that the upper part of your arm rests close to your body and make sure your back and feet are well supported.
  • If you are well enough to drive again, adjust the car seat so that your elbows and knees are loosely bent.

When to Rest

  • Avoid contact sports or strenuous exercise for the first few weeks after your injury, to prevent further aggravation.
  • Ask your health professional about alternate recreational, sports or fitness activities you can do while you heal.
  • Make your sleeping area as comfortable as you can. Your pillow should be adjusted to support your neck at a comfortable height.

And remember: stay connected to family, friends and co-workers to avoid the blues, and focus on getting on with your life, rather than focusing on the injury.

What are Conservative Treatment options for Whiplash? 

Our clinic offers the following treatment options for whiplash associated disorders due to car accidents and other traumatic injuries.  Please note the list is not exhaustive of all treatment options that are beneficial.

Manual Chiropractic Adjustments
Soft Tissue/Trigger Point Therapy
Medical Acupuncture
Joint Mobilizations
Electrotherapy(IFC & Tens)

Manual Traction
Laser Therapy
Ergonomic Advice
Lifestyle & Nutrition Support

Graston Technique Therapy
Strength & Conditioning
Personalized & Progressive Programs

We can help!  Please contact us to book an appointment for your initial assessment.  We will discuss treatment options for your case.

Shared by Dr. Luciano Di Loreto, HBSc., D.C. & Associates


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