Custom Braces

Custom Braces

What is a Brace?

The purpose of a brace is to provide support to a joint and surrounding soft tissue. If you encounter a sport or work injury, you may require a brace for a period of time during the healing stages. Some individuals require a brace (such as an osteoarthritis knee brace) for more long term use. There are braces for your shoulder, foot, wrist, back, neck and knee. One of the most common braces is the osteoarthritis knee brace. You can have any of these braces custom fitted at our clinic with our chiropractors.

What is an Osteoarthritis (OA) Knee Brace?

A knee brace for osteoarthritis is also known as an OA knee brace (OA is short for “osteoarthritis”), and it is sometimes called an off-loading brace. These braces are supports worn on the knees to provide joint stability and help to correct joint alignment problems.

Braces can be made of metal, fabric and plastic. The Freestyle OA is made of soft, breathable material so it is less bulky, fits under clothing and is more comfortable than many traditional OA braces. It also has a rigid hinge bar that follows the anatomy of your knee for added stability. The OA knee braces we carry have an adjustable hinge dial that “off-loads” (or shifts the load) in the knee joint.

How does an OA Knee Brace work?

An OA brace gently applies pressure to the unaffected side to realign the knee, taking pressure off of the affected side of the knee. Pressure is applied to the knee by turning the brace’s thumbwheel numbered dial. This adjusts the hinge by moving it closer to, or further away from, the knee. The higher the number, the more off-loading is applied to the knee. You and your orthopedic doctor will determine the best number setting for you.

How is the Freestyle OA knee brace difference from other braces?

The Freestyle OA knee brace provides all the support of traditional OA braces, but with big differences in ease of use and comfort. It has a unique wraparound design so it’s easy to put on: no tugging and pulling to get the brace up over the knee. It also has finger pockets which make it easy to pull the straps tight, for a snug fit.

Are braces covered by insurance companies?

Most private health insurance companies and Medicare offer coverage for OA knee braces, including the Freestyle OA. Check with your insurance plan to be sure or we can assist with sending out an estimate.

How do I get fitted for a brace at your office?

You should get a Freestyle OA knee brace prescribed through your medical doctor or chiropractor who will determine if the brace will work for you. Our chiropractor, will measure your knee to ensure you get the correct size. Going through a health care professional will also ensure the brace is fitted correctly after you receive it.  To book a custom brace fitting time, please contact our office.