Shoulder Arthritis

Shoulder Arthritis

Shoulder Arthritis Shoulder Arthritis Exercise

Arthritis is a degenerative disease caused by either wear and tear of cartilage (osteoarthritis) or an inflammation of one of more joints (rheumatoid arthritis). Arthritis not only affect bone and joints, it also affects muscles, tendons and ligaments. The usual signs of arthritis include pain, decreased motion and stiffness. Treatment of shoulder arthritis depends on the type of arthritis. Please visit our arthritis page for further information on conservative treatments for arthritis.

What are my treatment options for a Shoulder Arthritis?

Chiropractic Options Offered: Dr. Luciano Di Loreto (Chiropractor) and his team of health therapists can help you rehabilitate your muscles after a shoulder fracture via both active exercises as well as passive treatments. Our extensive passive treatments include laser therapy (healing), ultrasound (healing), electrotherapy (pain), hot/cold therapy and soft tissue therapy. Maintenance treatment varies from individual to individual.

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