Rib pain

Slipped Rib

Rib Pain

Rib pain can be caused by muscle, bone and nerve issues. Two common conditions which occur to the ribs are rib fractures (typically occur due to trauma or weak bones) and slipped rib syndrome.

Are you Suffering from a Slipped Rib?

Have you ever felt a sharp pain in the upper or mid area of your back, between the shoulder blades? Moreover, have you ever experienced this sharp localized pain while taking a deep breath? Has this pain ever gone from being localized in the back to referring to the side and front aspect of the torso? These are all symptoms of what has been referred to as a ‘slipped rib’ or ‘slipped rib syndrome’.

What are my treatment options for a Rib Issue?

Dr. Luciano Di Loreto (Chiropractor) and his team of health therapists can help you rehabilitate your muscles after a rib injury via both active exercises as well as passive treatments. Our extensive passive treatments include laser therapy (healing), ultrasound (healing), electrotherapy (pain), hot/cold therapy and soft tissue therapy. Treatments are usually booked two to three times per week for six to eight weeks. Full recovery varies from individual to individual.

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