My journey in health and wellness started with mandatory rehabilitation from an accident which occurred in high school. It forced me to drop out of national badminton competitions. As a result, I was encouraged to learn a variety of basic exercises and stretches in a safe manner. The squat was one of the first major exercise movements that I was introduced to during my recovery. After my rehab, I continued down the path of fitness as I realized the beneficial impact it had on my physical health.

I completed my Kinesiology degree at York University, recognizing the importance of health as an essential aspect of life. My perspective on health and fitness comes from a rehabilitative one; recognizing the fact that everyone has unique mechanical issues with their body. This led me to become certified in movement assessments through DTS Level 1 as well as Personal Training with CanfitPro. Whilst working as a Personal Trainer, I was introduced to Fascial Stretch Therapy, which immensely helped my client’s attain proper mobility. I am a certified Fascial Stretch Therapy Practitioner. I utilize special myofascial techniques to stretch out your muscles and fascia (connective tissue) to improve mobility and stability. I am happy to have joined the Fit for Life team. Look forward to meeting you soon and stay Fit for Life!