Josh Alferez is a registered massage therapist focused on regaining function and optimizing performance. He uses a human-centered approach that considers each individual unique in history of movement, emotions and mindset. Regardless of what injury or restriction one is enduring, he will work with you to determine the best plan of action specific to your goals and needs. His end goal is to bring you back to your youth, keep you healthy and living a wellness-first lifestyle.

His system integrates widely-known techniques such as functional range conditioning, fascial stretch therapy and structural integration.  Rather than treating the symptoms with band-aid solutions such as pills, RICE (rest-ice-compress-elevate) and passive modalities; he uses movement at the true site of pain/restriction to mobilize, stretch, and integrate one’s structure into functional system.

His specialties include:

Rotational Sports (Golf, Hockey, Tennis, Badminton, Combat Sports)
Triathlons (Running, Cycling, Swimming)