Amina Gazi (Transformation & Life Coach)

Amina Gazi, a visionary, and goal-oriented Transformation, Emotional Wellness, and Life Coach, embodies her mission of healing the mind, body, and soul for the holistic well-being of her clients. As a certified coach, she integrates her extensive knowledge and expertise from coaching certification and self-improvement programs, practical life experience, and decade-long work experience. Amina empowers her clients to take control of their lives and live up to their full potential.

She completed certified coaching program by Mindvalley, accredited by European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC). Alongside her certification from Mindvalley, a world-renowned life transformation learning platform, Amina has completed courses by notable industry experts such as Benjy Sherer Coaching, Hypnotherapist Marisa Peer and will be attending a workshop in June, 2023 by renowned business strategist and spiritual guide Danny Morrel. Before her journey as a life coach, she held various professional roles that significantly contributed to her current expertise.

Following a holistic approach, Amina supports clients in having clarity in developing goals, self-awareness, practical skill-building and shifting their mindset to create lasting change to achieve purpose in life. She uses science-based protocols to guide her clients to transform their minds and bodies. Amina’s coaching philosophy lies in identifying clients’ limiting beliefs, negative thought processes, and self-sabotaging thought patterns they are unaware of. Using proven coaching frameworks, powerful tools, techniques and healing modalities, Amina helps overcome clients’ fears, triggers, and traumas and build confidence and self-esteem. She provides a safe space to explore clients’ emotions, thoughts, and goals and helps them address the issues holding them back. Her empathetic approach and keen observational skills enable her to delve deep into the root causes of her client’s challenges, helping them live with self-authenticity.

Transformation and life coaching are investments that can pay off in the short and long run, will be worth it in the end. If someone is ready to take charge of own life, grow and upgrade to a higher level and experience an abundant flow state in life, working with Amina will give the accountability and support to succeed if one is struggling to make significant changes in life. She will support to discover client’s authenticity and values to align with mind and soul. Her clients will experience a breakthrough in life with leading-edge mind-body practices that will permanently shift habits, emotions and self-identity towards an extraordinary wellness in life. Amina offers her hand to hold and help clients achieve their personal and professional goals and live a confident, hope-filled, balanced and more fulfilling life.