Reiki & Crane Qi

Reiki & Crane Qi

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a soft, gentle technique that puts the patient into a deep relaxation state. The practitioner places the hands, slightly on the body or above, on specific meridian points of the body. The hand positions are not intrusive for the patients. A warm sensation comes out of the hands and stimulates the meridian points, releasing blockages that might be between these points, adjusting and balancing the flow of energy. It works on the physical, psychological and emotional levels.

How many Reiki sessions are required?

It is recommended, but not obliged, to have three sets of seven Reiki sessions. The first set helps to prepare the body and get used with the energy work. The second set goes through the healing process requested by the patient. Life brings us traumas that build up in our body through the years. The Reiki sessions peels off the layers of trauma one by one. The third set maintains the balance on the physical, psychological and emotional levels. The results can vary depending on the patient health condition and some patients might need more sessions or less compared with the recommended number of sessions.

What is Crane Qi

Crane QiCrane Qi Gong has been founded by Master Zhao Jin-Xiang in 1979 in China. Master Zao studied with a masters from different forms of Qi Gong and created the Crane Qi Gong. Crane Qi Gong is the most effective and helps with chronic illnesses. Crane Qi Gong has been brought in Ontario by Mr. Henry Hu, who learned it 30 years ago in Beijing, China.

Crane Qi Gong works with the Qi (Chi) energy that flows in the body. The exercise includes five sets of moves, also called routines, that can be learned independently, and each routine lasts approximately five minutes. Each move helps to release blockages that affect the flow of energy between each meridian point (same system used in acupuncture), and are the cause of diseases. We recommend a minimum of one hour of practice every day for at least three months to get the best results to improve health. We teach each routine for ten weeks, once a week. Please call us for more details about our classes.

What is Qi Light?

The Intranasal Light Therapy uses a technology that works with certain wavelength of light. The light illuminates the blood vessels in the nasal cavity, and helps a better flow of energy and blood. It unclogs the blood cells that bring all the nutrients and minerals needed by the body. The principle of this technique is very similar to the one in for the acupuncture in the Chinese medicine: it releases the blockages in the meridian system. The light sends signals to the lymphatic system, stimulating the healing process to produce antioxidants through the immune system. It improves the blood flow, repairs the damaged cells, and eliminates the dead cells. The body heals itself in a natural way.

It is recommended to use the Intranasal Light Therapy for 25 minutes on a daily basis. The light therapies and the Intranasal Light Therapy are supported by many studies to address diseases. Please call us for more details.


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