Venosan Compression Socks

Venosan Canada is part of Salzmann AG ST. Gallen. Founded in 1883 as a textile company Salzmann AG is to-this-day a traditional family business. They have been manufacturing medical compression stockings since 1942. Today Venosan is an industry leader, and their products are distributed in more than 50 countries.

As a leading developer and manufacturer of specialized elastic yarns, they are able to ensure Venosan products are of the highest quality. Their manufacturing policy is multicentric with locations in Switzerland, Germany, Spain and the USA. The on-going transfer of knowledge and technology between their manufacturing and development teams allow them to constantly improve their production techniques and to develop new ideas which make Venosan medical stockings an industry leader.

What are Compression stockings? Compression Stockings are specialised stockings that are worn to prevent poor blood circulation in the legs. They prevent the pooling of blood in the veins and reduce the risk of deep vein thrombosis in the legs.

What is Compression therapy?  Compression Therapy 
is one of the most important methods in the treatment of venous disorders. Applying compression bandages or wearing compression stockings presses the distended veins (varicose veins, varicosities) together from the outside. This enables the venous valves to close again, the leg muscles can squeeze the blood better out of the veins which, in turn, improves the return transport of blood to the heart. Since veins that have once been distended are no longer able to actively contract, such compression must be used for the rest of the patient’s life if surgery is contraindicated. However, even in cases where surgery is indicated, compression stockings must also be worn or the legs must be dressed with compressive bandages for a number of weeks after the surgical removal of the veins.

What are Compression classes?  There are four different classes of compression:

Class 1

Mild compression. 18 mmHg (24 hPa) to 21 mmHg (28 hPa) at the ankle. For a feeling of tired and heavy legs, for early venous insufficiency (weakness), for mild varicose veins without pronounced oedema, for varicose veins in pregnancy, for so called “spider veins”, and after sclerosis of varicose veins.

Class 2
Moderate compression. About 23 mmHg (31 hPa) to 32 mmHg (43 hPa) at the ankle. For more serious symptoms, for more marked varicose veins or moderate oedema, after resolution of minor ulcers, after sclerosis and surgery for varicose veins, after deep vein thrombosis and in cases of insufficiency (weakness) of the valves in the deep veins.

Class 3
Powerful compression. About 34 mmHg (45 hPa) to 46 mmHg (61 hPa) at the ankle. For chronic venous insufficiency (weakness), pronounced oedema, atrophie blanche, dermatosclerosis and after resolution of serious ulcers.

Class 4
Very powerful compression. Over 49 mmHg (65 hPa) at the ankle. For lymphoedema and disfiguring swelling.

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