The shoulder joint is an interesting body area. The shoulder joint is the most movable joint in the body, which means it is also one of the most unstable joints. Due to the instability, the shoulder often encounters a number of common problems including: sprains and strains, dislocations, seperation, tendinosis, bursitis, rotator cuff pain, frozen shoulder, fractures and arthritis.

Shoulder Conditions We Treat at Fit for Life Wellness & Rehab Centre:

What are common Shoulder Problems?

imageAs mentioned above, the most common shoulder problems occur due to the shoulders large range of motion. The shoulder joint gives up stability for flexibility and movement, thus the reason for many injuries, painful spells and difficult recovery. The most common injuries include: Shoulder Dislocation, Shoulder Seperation, Rotator Cuff Pain (Tendonitis / Tendinosis / Bursitis), Rotator Cuff Tear, Frozen Shoulder (Adhesive Capsulitis), Fracture and Shoulder Arthritis. Let’s break each shoulder condition down for you.

What are my treatment options for a Shoulder Conditions?

Chiropractic Options Offered: Dr. Luciano Di Loreto (Chiropractor) and his team of health therapists can help you rehabilitate your muscles after a rib injury via both active exercises as well as passive treatments. Our extensive passive treatments include laser therapy (healing), ultrasound (healing), electrotherapy (pain), hot/cold therapy and soft tissue therapy. Treatments are usually booked two to three times per week for six to eight weeks. Full recovery varies from individual to individual.